Q&A with Dr Katie Chen.

  • August 30, 2023
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Q&A with Dr Katie Chen.

Dr Katie Chen is a highly qualified ophthalmologist at QERS, consulting in generalophthalmology with a subspecialty in Oculoplastic.

We asked Dr Chen a few questions to get to know more about herself and her practice.


 Q1. What are you passionate about (or in) ophthalmology?

The doctor-patient relationship has evolved from traditionally very paternalistic to now becoming very much collaborative. I am passionate about helping my patients to feel empowered in the health choices they make and working with them to achieve the best results for their eye health. As the Director of Training for RANZCO QLD, I am also passionate about helping shape the next generation of ophthalmologists to become the most compassionate, skilled, and empathetic doctors they can be.

Q2. If you had cataract surgery, what type of IOL would you choose? Monofocal, EDOF or Multifocal?

The technology of intraocular lenses has improved leaps and bounds over the last decade and the optical/refractive results we have been able to achieve have been incredible. I am so excited for the future of ophthalmology and the type of lenses we will have in the next decade, but if I were to have cataract surgery today, I would opt for an EDOF lens with a slightly myopic target in my non-dominant eye.


Q3. Tea or coffee?

Tea! Everything from peppermint, to chai, to green, to lemongrass – enough variety for every mood/occasion.


Q4. Savoury or sweet?

Sweet, I have a weakness for flaky French pastries and good quality dark chocolate.


Q5. A great weekend is…

…spent relaxing with the family, beachside, sunshine, some time to read a book and enjoy good food (preferably cooked by someone else).


Q5. I switch off from work by…

…spending time with my two kids who just turned 8 and 6.


Q6. Best piece of advice I’ve ever been given…

“The more you try, the more you fly, and that’s what really counts.” This is actually a quote from Tigger, from my childhood.

Dr Katie Chen provides empathetic, evidence-based eye care at QERS. 
She accepts referrals via email, Oculo, Medical Objects and fax.

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