“Expect the Unexpected” – Complications During and Following Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is the most commonly completed surgical procedure amongst all medical specialties, with over 20 million surgeries each year worldwide. Small incision phacoemulsification has become the global standard of care and results in overwhelmingly positive anatomical and functional outcomes.

However, with any procedure, despite optimal pre-surgical care and patient selection, there are always risks involved. So, what do we do when the unexpected arises?

As an optometrist, you will often be involved in the pre- and post-operative care of patients who have undergone cataract surgery, and identifying red flags during your assessment can be vital to a successful visual outcome.

Join Dr Chen as he discusses patient selection criteria and lens counselling, as well as how to assess and treat cataract surgery complications. Register your interest in attending through the below form. 

Dr Sean Cheng

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Feb 07 2024


Doors open 5:30pm for 6pm start.
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Queensland Eye & Retina Specialists
Ground Floor, Boundary Court, (Blue Section), 55 Little Edward St
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